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to make the big move and declared would it strike but the bridge district said fine and made a big move and said we're going to cancel service entirely. negotiations have been going on since november 2009. the union is upset because 16 ticket agents are going to be replaced by ticket machines next week the bridge district is trying to close a gap of $89 million. they decided shutting down service would be the right thing to do, to cut to the chase and let the customers know because they figured other unions wouldn't want to cross the line but the employees were disappointed. >> we would appreciate it if they would focus more on the employees and 34 years of service and treating them in a way they can leave the judge but to disrespect them and cast them off in hopes we won't make a ruckus as we leave july 8th. >> i think our organization has an excellent track record in what we but put on the table. >> reporter: bridge officials are offering to reassign the workers that is being replaced by machines. hopefully the number of people that will be impacted will be smaller than usual. if you
to meet the woman she saved. >> i probably give her a big hug and just say that i'm sorry that it took so long. i'm glad that her and her kids are okay. >> the officer has gotten a call from jaycee dugard's mother says not a day goes by that they don't thank them for what they did. >> some of the neighbors watched the interview with mixed emotions last night. they say they are horrified to hear what went on for so long but they are amazed at her strength and her recovery she is making from her ordeal. >> she has given strength to people in that similar situation and strived to make the best. >> she is very, very brave. >> they pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sex charges last month. she was sentenced to life in prison and nancy is serving 36 years to life. >>> now to the latest on seven missing northern california men in the gulf of california. within hours divers could start searching for them. a navy deep water team from hawaii is due to explore the wreckage of the erik that flu now on the sea floor. they will be looking to see if any of the missing men are still on the boat. meanwhile,
8 1/2 hours of fighting the fire but now the big question is what kind of toxic problems it has created for us in the air. the plume of black smoke could be seen as far away from oakland. it was burning as many as 30,000 plastic bins. the company makes those plastic bins that are used by farmers. firefighters found it extremely hot making this fire a huge challenge for them. investigators say workers at the plant started the fire. >> we have confirmed with the business owners and employees on site that that they did have employees with working with some type of open flame device. i don't have details but probably a blowtorch or welding in that area. >> no major injuries were reported. about 120 firefighters came to help out with this when it reached the sixth alarm. they even received help from travis air force base. they finally stopped putting water on it about 9:30 last night. macro plastics has been here for 20 years and never had a fire like this. 45 workers -- 45 people work here. at this point it's grateful that everyone evacuated safely and everybody is okay. live in fai
something like this could happen. the shop pretty big so it could have happened everywhere but we are lucky we weren't out there. >> no one on the ground or the clinic was hurt. the hospital was not impacted by the crash and patient care was not affected. they are investigating the crash. >> more survivors of a fishing vessel that capsized in the waters off of baja california are expected back in the bay area this morning. family members of the seven missing men are still hoping their loved ones will come home, too. nick has more. >> exactly two of those men are expected in san jose but all the families continue to hold out hope. i want you to take a look at this video. 16 fishermen that survived crossed the border headed north to reunite with family and relatives. two drove home together in the truck of a fellow fishermen who actually died but the truck broke down so they are expected here at the greyhound station. >> what's been going on down there and the areas they have been searching and what kind of obstacles and what he they are facing for but what we are focusing is still trying to
stadium where there is new developments in stow's recovery. >> reporter: big week for the stow family. this is the second time we've heard about an arrest from the l.a. police department on this case. is the first time they got it wrong when they arrested giovanni ramirez and they insisted he was the one that did it. we spoke with the reporter that broke the story about the two new arrests. >> sources close to us, this is who they think is responsible, these two suspects. >> reporter: ramirez was originally arrested in may and accused of the march beating. ramirez has been held since then. he is serving 10 mo sentence on parolee parole violation but many people insist he is the guy. bryan stow he remains at san francisco general hospital. around tuesday doctors performed emergency surgery. a that point things did not sound good but his family reports good news that he is making major strides. they say he opened his eyes and when he was asked what his last name was he mouthed the word stow. >>> thanks very much. >>> residents in one san francisco neighborhood are reacts weigh disbelief
. >> as you know 4th of july is a big barbecue holiday but the bay area is sizzling as we mentioned with mike. high temperatures reminds everyone to take extra precautions. cecilia vega reports. >> there really isn't a way to beat pleasanton's triple-digit it heat, you learn to cope with it, that means hiding whatever shade you can find and stay well hydrated. >> we're going to go jump in the pool. >> as temperatures sizzled so did grills around the bay area in spite of the warning. the scorching weather forced monitors to declare it spare-the-air day. while barbecue was not technically illegal it definitely was not adviced. >> people around the barbecue but we strongly urge them to use gas grills because they pollute less, even if they use charcoal grill, don't use fluid to get it started. >> barbecues aren't the only potentially dangerous 4th of july tradition. some people just can't help it. the big are the fireworks the better the holiday even if it cost $239. in dublin one of few places in alameda county where it's legal to buy and sell fireworks, every purchase big or small comes with a
580 from livermore. just cleared to the shoulder involving a big rig, out of lanes right at the truck scales. let's head to mountain veil, a sig alert at this hour on ellis street, car fire, two right lanes blocked there and the bay shore freeway at carlson, the on-ramp is blocked with an accident there. >> thanks a lot. >> still ahead, what a new report is revealing about illegal immigrants in the bay area. >> and unfinished business of an east bay contractor and why the owners of this house haven't been able to live there for more than a year. >> and a little later possible deal in the works in washington to avert a default on the nation's debt. when water doesn't dry, it can leave spots and film. finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and actively dries dishes, for a brilliant shine straight from the dishwasher. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard. only lysol neutra air sanitizing spray sanitizes the air and kills 99.9% of bacteria at the source. two reasons why with lysol a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. >> dan: morning, it's 4:42 and take a liv
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. that has been cleared out of lanes. twa as big rig versus a motorcycle. now we have a couple closures. south bay, gilroy, 152, sig alert, bus accident. 152 is shut down between bloomfield and san filepi. they have detours in place. -- filipe. but southbound remains closed between the capital ex appraises pres way and 280. that is expected to be picked up by 5:30 this morning. detour in place there, as well. >>> it's 4:40. >> still ahead, mourning the nearly hundred victims in norway's twin attack. a judge makes a last decision on the court appearance of the suspect. >> and trouble in the skies, an american airlines flight burst into flames and heads back to dallas-fort worth airport.údúdúd >>> good morning, 4:42, look at the bay bridge, the mist in the background. believe me if you've been back east this looks so good. looks like apple pie with ice cream on top. >>> norway held a moment of silence for the 93 people killed at a youth camp and an explosion in oslo. meantime, a judge decided to hold the arraignment for the suspect in the twin attacks behind closed doors. he wanted an
. >> he was on top deck when he heard some noise and he saw a big wave coming and ran down to the cabin and woke everybody out. by the time everybody came out they were already in nine feet of water. >> there should be a chance of an opportunity to survive in the past 96 hours. that is how we were able to get them to do the search. >>> authorities have said that the call could enable someone to survivor for seven days but they would call off the search earlier today if they found no signs of life. what we do know is this at 5:00 a.m. a rescue team will help to aid in the search. live in alameda, nick smith, "abc 7 news." >> witnesses reportedly come forward to talk understanding about the fatal shooting at bart station. the witness says the man who police say was armed with a knife was definitely not running or lounging at the two bart officers when they shot him. he was getting off the train about 9:45 and saw the incident about 30 feet away. the man looked like a drunk hippie and should not have been shot. bart officials say the suspect was aggressive and holding a broken bottle and k
. it would let the government borrow another $2.4 trillion but after big spending cuts and congressional approval of a cooling amendment recalling a balanced budget. the plan is not considered to get far in the senate and president has promised a veto. >> shops and restaurants in concord are trying something new from keeping people from going out of town. they entice them with deep discounts with savings up to 90% for those that shop and heat eet close to home. >> the city of concord has cooked up a new way to bring local customers in the door. it's a website try it local. the idea deep discounts for consumers to buy prepaid vouchers from everything from a meal to local stores. >> they are offered for a certain length of time. it's up to 48 hours and every time that buys it gets an e-mail with a coupon. >> back to the future is now. >> the owner of a restaurant. he is offering $30 with the food for a purchase of $15 voucher. >> we track all of our advertisements and we will see the return on how we do. one extra person, that is a success. >> reporter: each deal is available for purchase
. >> more news right now. new details emerging about the fiery crash involving a big rig truck and an amtrak train in the nevada desert. it comes from a second train attendant that filed a lawsuit. the escape routed was blocked by a blocked have cargo door. she and other survivors had to double back past bodies in the smoldering train car and jump down 15 feet to the rocky bed below. the attorneys are trying to determine whether the doors on the baggage door should have been locked. >>> a french novelist says she will file a criminal complaint in paris saying dominique strauss-kahn tried to rape her. she claims that he assaulted her in 2002. she is only now filing the complaint because she wants to see justice done. he denies the accusation. they released him without bail on charges that he sexually assaulted a hotel maid. credibility of his accuser is now in question. >>> the counted down begins for friday scheduled launch of space shuttle atlantis. crew arrived in florida. one of the astronauts were born in redwood city and grew up in san carlos. he talked about the last flight of atlantis
was thrown from a shuttle bus when it collided with a big rig thursday. flee other passengers wound up in the hospital. usf hopes to have belts installed in the entire flight by the end of next month. a memorial service will be held today for the person that died. >> ed lee is signaling he may run for mayor after all. a mock draft urging mayor lee to run for the top stop. he has made comments in the past he does not intend to run but when pressed on the question by the san francisco chronicle, he says part of the accomplishments and he had more on do. he didn't rule out running, the mayor smiled and got into a car. deadline is august 12th. >> an assemblywoman is said to announce he is going to author a bill that no local law can restrict the practice of circumcision. would ma is hoping it to get through the legislative process before the election. opponents have ban the circumcision of a minor in the city of san francisco. >> and mini heat wave. >> it's mini. >> it's got to be treated as a heat wave. i don't know. what do you think? >> it's going to be about three days in the heat wave
directions right now. you are looking north bound direction on the right side of your screen. they have a big paving project, lucas valley road, on-ramp is closed and same thing for freitas and construction in san jose and 680 corridor. >>> thanks a lot. >> still ahead, drama begins, high profile major league pitcher whose perjury trial gets underway today. >> and spring cleaning in space, why a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa lysol knows when the weather is at its best allergy season is at its worst. inside your home allergens can be found on everyday hard surfaces. lysol disinfecting wipes remove more than 95% of allergens. and lysol disinfectant spray kills the source of mold allergens. so from pollen particles to pet dander... lysol does more to help your family during allergy season. lysol, the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. 10 pieces of the world's best chicken, [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family. 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. in the first wash. stain, st
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jewelry. they believe they are motivated by the rising price of gold. >> you never know where the next big thing is going to come from, even in middle schooler. they are spending creating games they hope will catch on. jonathan bloom when it comes to apps. >> an eye phone game. >> margaret is developing a classic style video game called gem collectors. >> we're trying to collect all the gems. >> it's sure to be a hit with kid. margaret would know better than anyone. >> you are how old? >> 10. >> it gives middle schoolers a taste of software development. >> you are making video games. >> and making a falling blocks game. >> he and his classmates are de-bugging stages right now. but not without help from an instructor code named alladin. >> they are coming out with very original ideas. story driven characters. more scripted and more about the content and less about just beat them up type of game. >> some of kids have been to this camp before. at the end of the week they just don't take their apps home, they publish them. >> how many downloads do you think you can get for your game? >> i know
hill. chp is telling us it's out of lanes, jackknifed big rig. ace train about five minutes late. that is italian number 1. san mateo bridge, no issues, if you are traveling east and westbound from foster city to hayward. when you get up and at them this morning, go to for the latest. >>> caltrans will have to do major surgery on the san mateo bridge to repair a cracked feel beam that was put in place during a 1999 retrofit project. the proj bridge will have to be closed for two weekends next year to do the job. the steel beam has developed a ten-inch crack and crews have made a temporary fix to the crack. but a permanent repair will cost an estimated $12 million. engineers are trying to determine the exact date of the closure and we will keep you posted. >> crew of the space shuttle atlantis will pack up today in preparation for the departure of the international space station. a giant canister will be moved into the shuttle's cargo bay. it's filled with nearly 6,000 pounds of old space equipment and trash. canister hauled a year's worth of supplies to the station.
. they should have called security right away but they had a big confrontation. >> people said they were actually surprised the men were allowed on the plane. they were acting strangely in the terminal. one was sleeping in a wheelchair has everyone boarded the flight. they were whisked away by police and the plane flew off without incident. a plane full of people who now have quite a story to tell. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >>> meantime, two grieving sisters on their way from burbank to dallas to see their father were taken off a southwestern flight in oakland last night. it followed a misunderstanding with the flight attendant. >> i broke down and starred to cry. i'm a little bit afraid to fly. i said to the stewardess, i said when you are going to be serving i'm have a glass of wine. she said i think you had enough. i hadn't anything to drink. >> the sisters say they were pulled off the plane by a waiting supervisor because they were considered a flight risk. >> i think apology is in order. she has no idea what she has done. >> southwest put the sisters up for a hotel and put them
-fi available in union square. >> all right. will there is big developments in the bryan stow beating case. new arrest may give them a boost in their investigation. >> and bart general manager will speak out for the first time regarding an officer-involved shooting that results in the death of a 45-year-old transient. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have an update next. >> and the quest for got for the u.s. women's soccer team. where you can watch the match for free. tttttttttttt empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
." >>> the santa clara city council has tan another big step toward construction of a stadium for the san francisco 49ers. santa clara voters approved the plan to help finance the stadium last year. during a meeting last night they decided the process for hiring subcontractors for the new facility. they also selected companies that will sell concessions and season tickets. >> we're encouraged with the state of the progress we've had. we've had really strong commitment from fans and companies. that has been demonstrated in the street sale. we think it will be the same. >> there is still opposition to the new stadium. a group called santa clara plays fair, they believe much of the financing remains up in the air. >> tib lone will vote on ban smoking in all large apartment complexes. it would be phased out by 2014, condos and small apartment buildings would be exempt. it would be banned in outdoor dining airs and building entrances. >>> about 3,000 homes and businesses in morgan hill are still without power this morning. pg&e expects power to be restored in about half an hour. the area went dark when
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21